Don’t Grind Game Review

dont grind game review

Have you ever wondered how your fruits feel when they become your smoothie?


Well, Today we will talk about Don’t grind, a universal app that was released on 25th of November 2016 from Laser Dog Games Ltd and it is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play for FREE with in-app purchases.

Don’t Grind is a game about the everyday fruits in our lives.  Who struggle to stay alive and keep themselves from being cut from the sharp blades that wait for them at the end, hungry to cut them into small pieces.

Our mission in this game is to constantly push and guide our fruity friend in order to save him and spare its life for just a little longer. The whole concept of the game is simple and functional. The gameplay is straight-forward, with a single-touch of your finger and a combination of the TAP button to Jump and the Swipe to Move you can avoid the obstacles. The game reveals the obstacles to you at any time and anywhere on the screen.

“The whole concept of the game is simple and functional”


Something that can get your attention for sure, is that Don’t Grind is probably the best at letting you know that you’ve died. The vibration that your smartphone can provide notifies you that you have died. Another positive aspect that we can refer to is the sound, the combination of the voices of the plethora of fruits that you can choose and with the simple background sound while playing keeps you alert and in the same time gives you a funny feeling. Lastly, although the graphics in this game are not low quality, they do look a lot like a page taken from some kid’s notebook. “Is this bad?” Definitely not! If it was more realistic it would destroy the whole idea of having fun with your fruity friends.


“..they do look a lot like a page taken from some kid’s notebook”

Some issues that occurred was the advertisement that popped constantly. Another thing that I would recommend is that the game should provide a tutorial on how to play instead of letting you try to figure it out yourself. Some may find this right while others will consider this as something extra that it is not necessary.

Summarizing, Don’t Grind is a game to kill time, perfect for every kind of user, anytime in their daily life. I would rate this game 7.5/10 and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to have fun in a matter of a few minutes.


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